So soft. So silky.

Uniquely Bred

All our alpacas are uniquely bred on beautiful Australian pastures over many years.

Hand Classed

The alpaca fleece is hand classed by experts to ensure the finest micron for the softest finish.

Luxuriously Soft

Our alpaca has a silky, sumptuous handle that feels beautiful and soft against the skin.

Knitted in Italy

Our fleece is spun by Italy's finest craftsmen to produce gorgeous yarn to be knitted into products.

From elite Australian alpacas...

Say hello to your beautifully soft Divine Fleece throw. Each throw is made from the finest alpaca fleece, uniquely bred over many years, hand classed to produce a silky, luxurious handle that feels beautiful and soft against the skin. Your unique throw is a combination of Australian wool growing heritage and quality.

...To Italian Yarn Mills

A throw that has been produced from the fleece of free roaming Australian alpaca, then finished in Italy by the finest spinners and knitters. The fleece is hand classed in Australia before Italy’s finest craftsman spin the yarn that is knitted into the sumptuous throw before you.

Welcome to our pure alpaca throw

Although alpaca wool is generally renowned for its softness, it takes many years careful breeding in partnership with the expertise of our Italian yarn mill to create a wool fine enough to use in our Divine Fleece throws. This is what makes our throws so incredible to the touch. Our natural alpaca throw is like no other and you have to experience it to truly appreciate the wonderful feeling of these fine throws. Bring a little indulgence into your home courtesy of Divine Fleece.

An exclusive limited edition

To create such a luxuriously soft and silky product, each Divine Fleece throw is spun from beautiful Australian alpaca wool and limited to a strict run of just 228 pieces. Our hand classed throws are crafted with the utmost care and prepared to the highest standards meaning exclusivity is assured. Indulge in the comfort and quality of a Divine Fleece throw and be certain you won’t feel the same softness and silkiness anywhere else.

Get up close and personal with our blissfully soft throws

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